Thank You!

Austin, Texas - November 9, 2010 -
After eleven-plus years we have retired and closed our doors as a retail store effective October 25, 2010. 

We express our warmest and heartfelt thanks to our many wonderful customers who supported us during these many years. Your friendship and kind remarks will always be remembered. We expect to keep in touch during the coming years. LaRee has in mind to form a Texas Paper Crafters Association to keep the friendships and creativity going. Make sure we have your E-mail address if you are interested. You may contact us at

The first thing on our agenda is to enjoy a few months of rejuvenation and the holiday season. Visiting our children and many grandchildren, gardening, genealogical research, reading and just sitting in the sun are also on the agenda. 

LaRee plans to provide a few services: Cutting of Custom Paper Shapes, High Speed Photo-Scanning (i.e. convert your printed photos to digital format), Custom Designed Scrapbooking and Genealogical Services. She will provide more detailed information on these services after the first of the year. 

Sam will continue to volunteer his time and services in the development and marketing of a newly published website  that is "Your Ultimate Source for all Things Conservative". 

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